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StereoVision Entertainment Inc. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, StereoVision is a publicly traded Nevada corporation (OTC:SVSN) focused on the climate change mitigation industry and creating, acquiring, and producing multimedia content with its media subsidiary, the wholly owned 9 times Emmy Award-winning production company REZN8.
StereoVision Entertainment, Inc.

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A StereoVision Wholly Owned Subsidiary

Climate Cure Capital

A StereoVision Wholly Owned Subsidiary

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A StereoVision Majority Owned Subsidiary

Board of Directors & Officers
   Jack Honour
   Billy Barnwell
   James Gaspard
   Steven “Herky” Williams
Executive Producers
   "Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem"
   TDOJ Promo Reel
       Jack Honour
       Mark Lichtman
   "Secrets of the Lost San Sabas"
       Eric Honour
       Jack Honour
   "Aubrey Blaze Gates of Hell"
       Jack Honour
       Andres Romero
   "Gonzos 3 Double D"
       Michael Berk
       Jack Honour
   "Underwater Wonderland"
       Jack Honour
       Eric Honour

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   Stock Transfer Agent

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StereoVision SEC Filings

  Jack Honour
Executive Chairman and President

Jack Honour, the Founder of Stereo Vision Entertainment Inc has, much like the company, a rather diversified story. The core of his business philosophy was constructed by the military training he received as a member of the elite Coast Guard amphibious support team and Honor Guard stationed at the White House. Mr. Honour's entrepreneurial nature has lead him to launch a variety of businesses from restaurants to real estate management. In 1999 an opportunity presented itself to merge an existing public company with an entertainment company that had a special niche and a thirty year success record and the publicly traded company, StereoVision Entertainment Inc, was born. Realizing the time was right to capitalize on the transition from traditional entertainment to state of the art international multimedia production, acquisition, and distribution, Honour gathered together the top people in the necessary fields and brought them in under the umbrella of the public company, StereoVision Entertainment Inc.

W.F. ‘Billy’ Barnwell
CEO Climate Cure Capital Corporation

Mr. Barnwell is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Climate Cure Capital Corporation. William has more than 18 years of experience in the renewable energy field and was the managing member of The Centre for Carbon Trading. He served on the Board at Global Alternative Green Energy where he helped to brand proprietary technologies known as the BCR™, the BCT™, and the BCS™, and had them certified as “Green” in the renewable energy credits (“REC”) market. Prior to that, he was the COO of Pacific Renewables in San Diego where he developed the REC trading platform. In conjunction with Electric City, he helped deliver Virtual Megawatt Power Plants. He has unrivaled experience and knowledge in the world of environmental commodities. He has marketed energy-efficient products traded on the Chicago Commodity Exchange and brought institutional funding from Morgan Stanley, Duke Power, and El Paso Energy to various projects and activities, and run a renewable energy credit desk and directed marketing efforts for the Center for Carbon Trading and Resource Marketing. The International Emission Trade Association invited him to participate in the Congressional Advisory Committee for Cap and Trade. Mr. Barnwell was selected from its 5,000 members to be one of the 50 on the advisory panel. He holds a business degree from the University of Denver.

James Gaspard

Mr. Gaspard is currently the CEO of Biochar Now LLC, a leading company in the biochar industry. His career in start-ups, mid-size and Fortune 1000 companies gives him a unique perspective on all aspects on a company's life-cycle from birth, through growth and harvest. He returned to school after 10 years in the workforce and graduated from the University of Texas with a JD/MBA with honors. He is a licensed attorney in the state of Texas. However, his career has to date has been highlighted by his sales talent and his ability to close larger dollar volumes of transactions in several diverse industries.

Steven “Herky” Williams

In recent years Herky’s consulted on a number of entertainment projects and organized and managed many of Nashville’s most enduring high-profile charity events. Over the last 20 years he spent more than a decade as a senior executive at ASCAP while serving as StereoVision’s Secretary and Director, spearheading a variety of StereoVision's projects. Herky has extensive knowledge and experience in the public relations, agriculture, and entertainment industries. As Senior Director of A&R for Capital Records Herky signed Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker, and many more.

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