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StereoVision Entertainment, Inc.

Eco Allies Appoints David Waite Chief Operating Officer

StereoVision Provides Update on the Value Added by Eco Allies’ Acquisition of Climate Cure Capital Corporation

Eco Allies Presenting at EarthX E Capital Summit in Dallas 4/22 to 4/26

Eco Allies Acquires Climate Cure Capital in Cash & Stock Transaction

Eco Allies Media Inc. Appoints KFrancis Lawrence Managing Partner

Escrow Opened on 72 Commercial Acres in Liberty County Florida for Eco Allies®. Planned Biochar Manufacturing Facility and Headquarters

Eco Allies Inc. Makes Key Talent Acquisition - Karen Francis Lawrence Becomes Board Member and Chief Investment Officer

The Vision Group Concentrates Their Near-Term Ecological Restoration and Preservation Endeavors in North America

Eco Allies and Biochar Now Expand Their J/V to Include a 2nd Biochar Plant in Mexico

ECO Allies & Climate Cure Planting Supergreentrees at Rancho San Miguel de la Soledad in Chihuahua, Mexico

StereoVision Provides Updated Summary on Eco Allies

Eco Allies Signs SuperGreenTree Invitro Trademark License Agreement with Leon, Mexico’s Arborescentum

Climate Cure Appoints Deborah Randall Project Director for Their J/V Partnership with Ghana’s Vision 2050 Forestry

Celebrate Earth Day at EarthX Expo in Dallas with Eco Allies, BioChar Now, and Climate Cure Capital

Climate Cure Capital's J/V Partner Ghana's Vision 2050 Forestry Appoints U.S. Forestry Veteran Maria Daniels as Managing Partner

Eco Allies Signs J/V with XEED SAS and SIRIUS INVESTMENTS SAS to Reforest and Establish SuperGreenTree Plantations on Up to 1,000,000 Hectares of Government and Private Land in Colombia

Eco Allies Launches SuperGreenTree™ Pilot Project with International Environmentalist Trammell Crow on His 10k Acre Farm in East Texas

Eco Allies Inc. Appoints Global Business Executive and International Attorney Augusto Mantilla-Serrano to Their Board of Directors

SEC Makes Eco Allies® Compliance & Reg A+ Registration Effective

VERRA Assigns Project I.D. Number 5328 to Climate Cure Capital & Vision 2050 Forestry’s Ghana Afforestation and Reforestation J/V

Climate Cure Capital Corporation Appoints David Waite Managing Director

Climate Cure Capital Files Verra Application for Vision 2050 Forestry’s 200 Million Tree Project in Ghana

Eco Allies® Appoints Dimitri Rakopoulos Chief Operating Officer

Eco Allies® Florida Biochar Plant and SuperGreenTree Forest Project Gets Biochar Purchase Letter of Intent from DASCO

Eco Allies Inc. Secures SuperGreenTree Strategic Alliance J/V With WatersMark LTD Master Developer for Haiti’s Island Île à Vache

Climate Cure Expands its 100 Year Carbon Sink Project with Ghana’s Vision 2050 Forestry to 500,000 Acres and 200,000,000 Trees

Climate Cure Capital & 2050 Forestry Ltd. Sign 100 Year Partnership Contract to Maintain and Generate Carbon Credits from a Standing 25,000 Acre 5,000,000 Tree Forest in Ghana

Climate Cure Capital Corporation Appoints Leading Climate Change Mitigation Expert Dimitri Rakopoulos to Their Board of Directors

Climate Cure Capital Signs Binding Partnership MOU With Vision 2050 Forestry Ltd. to Generate Carbon Credits with 5,000,000 Trees on 25,000 Acres of Their Ghana Plantation

Climate Cure Capital Corporation Appoints David Waite to Their Board of Directors

StereoVision Shareholder Update: The Date of Record for the SVSN Shareholders to Qualify for Their Percentage of the Eco Allies® 500,000 Share Dividend is 4/22/2022

Eco Allies to Introduce Their $20mil SEC Qualified Reg A+ Offering at the Earthx E-Capital Summit April 20-22 in Dallas Texas

StereoVision’s Wholly Owned Corp Climate Cure Capital™ Appoints Stephen Curran to their Advisory Board and Their Majority Owned ESG Company Eco Allies® Appoints Deborah Randall to Their Advisory Board

LucasFilm’s Former CEO Charlie Weber Signs on as Executive Producer of SVSN’s Inspirational Feature Film "Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem"

StereoVision’s Majority Owned ESG Benefit Company Eco Allies Inc. Completes Agreement to Grow 500 Acres of SuperGreenTrees in EU Country Croatia

StereoVision Announces a Special Dividend of 500,000 Shares of Common Stock From Their Majority Owned Subsidiary Eco Allies Inc

StereoVision Calls Special Shareholder’s Meeting Appoints USGT Investors Founder Deborah Randall to Their Board of Directors

Entertainment of the Highest Order & Solutions for a World Looking for Ways to Save Itself

Stereo Vision Engages Merchant Banker International Monetary

SVSN Sees Strong Gains Eco Allies’ Reg C Generating New Investor Interest Climate Cure in Discussions with Texas Landowners for Solar Farm

The SEC Qualifies SVSN’s $500,000 Reg A With Immediate Effect

Internationally Recognized Solar Energy Authority Dr. Neway Argaw Named Chairman of Climate Cure Capital’s Advisory Board

Dallas Based USGT Investors Founder Deborah Randall Appointed to the Climate Cure Capital Board of Directors with Immediate Effect

ESG Benefit Corp Eco Allies™ Signs Exclusive SuperGreenTrees™ License Agreement with Quantum Technologies Holdings and Marva Commodities for EU Countries Spain Greece and Bulgaria

StereoVision Files $500k Tier 1 Reg A with the SEC to Fund Compliance and Marketing for the StereoVision Group of Companies

Stereo Vision’s Latest Annual Report Reflects Over $2,250,000 in Net Income, Debt Reduction of Over $520,000, and Cancellation of 12,500,000 Common Shares

StereoVision is Very Proud to Announce the Unanimous Election of Juan Camillo Alzate Rubio to StereoVision’s Board of Directors

StereoVision se Enorgullece de Anunciar la Elección Unánime de Juan Camillo Alzate Rubio a la Junta Directiva de StereoVision

StereoVision's Majority Owned Nevada ESG Benefit Company Eco Allies $5mil Reg CF Goes Live on

StereoVision (OTC:SVSN) Files OTCMarkets Annual Report

StereoVision Seats David Waite as an Independent Director on the Board of Directors For OTC:SVSN’s Planned Uplisting to the OTCQB

StereoVision Signs Independent Auditor Assurance Dimensions for Filing an SEC Form 10 to Return OTC:SVSN to Fully Reporting Status and Planned Uplisting to OTCQB

StereoVision Retains Securities Law Firm for $500,000 SEC Reg A for Planned Uplisting to the OTCQB

With the US Committed to Funding the Battle on Climate Change and Blackrock Joining a $41 Trillion Climate Change Investment Pact StereoVision’s Acquisition of Climate Cureand Launch of Eco Allies Whose Reg A +Was Recently Qualified by the SEC Appear Well-Timed

StereoVision Lands Exclusive NFT Deal with Wizard of Oz Author L. Frank Baum’s Great Grandson & World-Renowned Author Roger S. Baum’s & His Legends of Oz Series of Book’s & Original Art Book Covers

StereoVision Mints NFT for the Wizard of Oz and the Magic Merry Go Round Original Art Book Cover from the Legends of Oz Collection by Leading Children’s Books Author Roger S. Baum

Eco Allies Signs MOU with Cryptocurrency Hempcoin THC for Developing a Blockchain Carbon and Methane Credits Trading Exchange

StereoVision's Management Gives Update on SVSN's Market Activity

SEC Approves $20mil Reg A+ Registration for StereoVision’s Majority Owned Nevada ESG Benefit CompanyEco Allies™

StereoVision’s Majority Owned Nevada ESG Benefit Corporation Eco Allies Signs Definitive Agreement with BioChar Now to Build 120 Kiln Eco Allies Biochar Plant in Florida from the Completed Placement of Eco Allies Recently Filed$20,000,000 SEC Reg A+ Registration

StereoVision Mint’s 9 Time Emmy Award Winning Artist Paul Sidlo’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ NFT on Mintable from its ‘Art by Sidlo’ Collection

StereoVision’s Majority Owned Nevada ESG Benefit Corporation Eco Allies Inc Files a $20mil SEC Reg A Tier Two Registration Statement

Federico Migneco Signs on as Executive Producer for the Production of StereoVision’s Sci Fi Thriller Aubrey Blaze Written and Produced By Baywatch Co-Creator Michael Berk

StereoVision Seals Exclusive Deal With 9 Time Emmy Award Winning Artist Paul Sidlo to Mint NFT's for Bid on Ethereum for the 40 Piece Collection of Digital 3D 'Art by Sidlo'

StereoVision's Majority Owned ESG Benefit Company Eco Allies Inc. Retains Independent Auditor Assurance Dimension for SEC Reg A+ Registration Statement

StereoVision Retires 12,500,000 OTC:SVSN Shares

StereoVision Upgrades Network to 500 Megabytes

Online Technology Exchange Modifies StereoVision’s DNS Network to Quad9 and Google


The For-Profit Nevada ESG Benefit Corporation Eco Allies Inc. Retains Coldicutt Law to Prepare EA’s Planned SEC Reg A+ Registration Filing

Stereo Vision Board of Directors Extends CEO Jack Honour’s Contract Through 2023

ESG Benefit Company Eco Allies Planning $20mil SEC Reg A+ Registration

Eco Allies a Nevada ESG Benefit Corporation Forms J/V to Battle Climate Change with Climate Cure Capital Corporation and BioChar Now LLC

Eco Allies Inc. a Nevada ESG Benefit Corporation Seats Board of Directors

A.S.C.A.P. Veteran Mark Lichtman Signs onto Executive Produce The Inspirational Feature Film “Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem”

Climate Cure Capital Corporation a StereoVision Wholly Owned Subsidiary Invests 64,000 Tons of Carbon Offset Credits in Earthx Dallas, Texas

StereoVision Gives Progress Update On Company and Subsidiaries

Capital Raising Expert Michael Brette Signs With StereoVision OTC:SVSN

StereoVision Announces Management Changes

StereoVision Acquires Climate Cure Capital Corporation

Multiple Award-Winning Filmmaker Michael Landon Jr. to Produce and Direct StereoVision's Inspirational Feature Film Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem

StereoVision Appoints Arnold F. Sock as General Counsel

StereoVision-Inspirational Vision Media Deal Unwound-Divests CannaVision Position to 4.9% - Continues Plans Inhouse for the Hemp and Film Industries

Inspirational Vision Media Relays Update From J/V Partner Dr. Pavan Grover to Shareholders on Status of Their 9 Book Series Legends of Oz by Roger S. Baum

StereoVision Appoints Former Morgan Stanley Broker and MIM T.J. Culbertson President of Their Wholly Owned Subsidiary OrganaCanna Property Management

CannaVision Appoints Mr. Hemp, Michael Bowman, Chairman of Their Board of Directors with Immediate Effect

CannaVisions Hemp Pavilion at EarthX Showcases Industrial Hemps Potential for Domestic and Global Agricultural Markets and the Wide Array of Hemp Products

CannaVision's J/V Partner Mr. Hemp Michael Bowman Interviewed by The Cannabis Reporter

CannaVision and Mr. Hemp-Michael Bowman and the Bowman Family Farm Sign J/V for 400 Acres with Hemp Farming Permit in Colorado

StereoVision Subsidiary CannaVision's COO Steven Previch To Be Interviewed by Noted Crypto Currency Guru Peter Craze on the Crypto Issuer's Audio Cast

CannaVision to Host the Hemp Pavilion at EarthX in Dallas April 20-22

StereoVisions Subsidiary CannaVision Completes 1,000 Acre Hemp Farm Lease Agreement with Puerto Rico's Calimano Benito Group

Andres Romero, Esteemed Puerto Rico Businessman and Son of Governor Carlos Romero-Barcelo, Elected to CannaVision's Board of Directors

StereoVision Retains Securities Law Firm to File SEC $50mil REIT for NYSE Listing to Purchase Land for CannaVisions Hemp Farming Plan

3rd Leg of Vision Group's America 1st VA Hospital Tour With The Dixie Dolls Trio Lands at Dade County's VA Community Living Center 2/24

Puerto Rico's Government Approves Industrial Hemp Legislation; CannaVision's 125-Acre Arecibo, Puerto Rico Organic Hemp Farm Manned With Licensed Farmers Awaiting Hemp Cultivation Permit

CannaVision's America 1st VA Hospital Tour Hits Miami VA Hospital Auditorium this Valentine's Day Featuring the Dixie Dolls Trio

StereoVision Appoints Jack Honour Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors with Immediate Effect - Extends His CEO Deal Thru 2020

Dr. M. Sheldon Polsky Signed to Head Up CannaVision's Bay Pines Medical Cannabis and Pain Management Clinic in St Pete, Florida

StereoVision Appoints Stephen Curran Vice-Chairman of Their Board

StereoVision Special Shareholders Meeting Seats Board of Directors

Bay Pines VA Hospital & The Vision Group’s ‘America 1st VA Hospital Tour’ Featuring the Dixie Dolls Trio a Big Hit With Veterans and Staff

The Vision Group Presents the "America 1st VA Hospital Tour" at the Bay Pines VA Hospital December 21st Featuring the Dixie Dolls Trio

Dr. Scott Sherman M.D. to Head Up CannaVision Medical Cannabis and Pain Management Clinic in Sunrise, Florida

The Vision Group Presents the America 1st VA Hospital Tour Featuring the Dixie Dolls Trio

IVM Signs Co-Production J/V with Dr. Pavan Grover for Legends of Oz Live Action TV Series for Presentation to Amazon Studios

CannaVision Appoints C. Dennis Markley to Advisory Board

CannaVision Retains SEC Registered Houston Independent Auditing Firm Malone-Bailey for Fully Funded SEC S-1 Registration Statement

CannaVision Secures Next Medical Cannabis and Pain Management Clinic Facility on Bay Pines Blvd. Across from Bay Pines VA Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida

CannaVision Announces Plans to Open Three Medical Cannabis and Holistic Pain Management Clinics in the Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area

CannaVision Medical Cannabis & Pain Management Clinics Report: WebMD Article "Where Legal 25% of Cancer Patients Use Marijuana"

StereoVision Appoints Danna Paige VP With Immediate Effect

StereoVision Lands MULTICOM Worldwide Distribution Contract For Their 11 Feature Film Library Through the Pacific Titles Archives Deal

CannaVision Receives $225k From Private Investor Equity Placement

CannaVision's Coral Gables Clinic is Closed This Week Due to Hurricane Irma - Our Team's Currently Making Appointments for Next Week

CannaVision Names Regina Ballentine Vice-President

CannaVision Announces Grand Opening of Coral Gables Compassionate Care Medical Cannabis & Holistic Pain Management Clinic

CannaVision Names Steven Previch Chief Operating Officer

CannaVision Secures Medical Marijuana Clinic Facility in Coral Gables, Florida

StereoVision Receives Invite From OTCMarkets To Move Up To OTCQB

StereoVision Signs Exclusive Distribution Deal for Their 11 Film Library With Pacific Titles Archive Film & Video Media Asset Management

StereoVision Announces 500,000 Share Special Dividend of Majority Owned Family Entertainment Company Inspirational Vision Media

StereoVision Extends Shareholder of Record Date for Special Dividend of CannaVision's Registered Shares to June 7th, 2017

Quintessential Hollywood Director and Producer Harvey Lowry Named Chairman of Inspirational Vision Media's Board of Directors

CannaVision Names Master Agronomist Marc Ellenby to Advisory Board

CannaVision Clinics Sign with America's Number One Medical Marijuana Patient Referral Service and World's Largest Medical Marijuana Doctors' Directory,

CannaVision Enters Discussions to Roll Up Operating Medical Cannabis Clinics in SEC Registration and Become Publicly Traded

CannaVision Retains Los Angeles Securities Law Firm Dieterich and Associates for SEC S1 Registration Statement to Become Publicly Traded

StereoVision Announces a Special Dividend for Shares of Their Majority Owned Medical Marijuana Clinic and Hemp Company CannaVision

CannaVision Appoints Multi-Generational Iowa Farmer David Hegland, and Color America CEO, Theresa Galdony to Their Board with Immediate Effect

Inspirational Vision Media Acquires Three Dimensions Of Jerusalem IP Holding Company TDOJ LLC with Screenplay by Academy Award Winning Screenwriter Pamela Wallace, Director Harvey Lowry, Producer Aaron Norris

CannaVision Chairman of the Board Doctor Jay Ellenby M.D. Receives State of Florida Medical Cannabis Doctor Certification

Dr. Charles Pickett Appointed Chairman of CannaVision's Advisory Board, a StereoVision Majority Owned Subsidiary

CannaVision Lands The Pot Lobbyist Tallahassee's Ron Watson

MediCannaVision Inc., a Florida C Corp and StereoVision Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Files a DBA for CannaVision

GreenVision Systems a StereoVision Medical Cannabis and Organic Hemp Company Completes Agreement for Five Year Lease of 125 Acre Farming Facility in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

MediCannaVision Inc., a StereoVision Wholly Owned Medical Cannabis and Hemp Florida C Corp Seats Board of Directors

HBO's Emmy Winning Hit Series "Vice" to Profile StereoVision's Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis and Hemp Company GreenVision Systems the Night of November 28th

StereoVision Forms MediCannaVision Inc. a Wholly Owned Florida Subsidiary to Cultivate Manufacture and Distribute Medical Cannabis and Organic Hemp Products in Florida

GreenVision Systems and Hemp Adobe Form Strategic Alliance to Manufacture Hemp Products in Puerto Rico

GreenVision Systems Advisory Firm, Mentor Capital Inc., to Special Dividend their 500,000 GreenVision Share Fee to Mentor Capitals 4,300+ Shareholders

GreenVision Systems a StereoVision Subsidiary Appoints Walter Marrero Melendez Esq. Chief Operating Officer and Board of Directors Member With Immediate Effect

Mentor Capital, a Leading Cannabis Industry Financier, Signs With GreenVision Systems, an Emerging Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis & Hemp Farming Company

GreenVision Systems, a Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Company and StereoVision Subsidiary, Expands Plan to Include Hemp Farming for Export

GreenVision Systems a Puerto Rico Medical Cannabis Company and StereoVision Subsidiary Teams Up With San Juan Attorney Alfonso Fernandez Jr. Esq. and the Ivy Investment Group

StereoVision Entertainment Inc. Provides Shareholder Update Regarding New Medical Cannabis Subsidiary in Puerto Rico

StereoVision's Subsidiary GreenVision Systems Announces Plans for a 40,000 sq ft Medical Cannabis Cultivation and Medical Cannabis Manufacturing Facility in Puerto Rico

StereoVision Forms GreenVision Systems LLC, an Equally Owned Puerto Rico Company, for the Acquisition of Licenses for the Legal Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Transportation of Cannabis Products in Puerto Rico

Inspirational Vision Media Names Marla Mahloch and David Hegland to the Inspirational Vision Media Board of Directors

Inspirational Vision Media Launches Investor Marketing Campaign With PublicWire

IVM, a SVE J/V Company, Signs 1st Film Project Client With TDOJ LLC Deal

StereoVision Acquires Inspirational Vision Media's 11 Feature Film Library

StereoVision and Inspirational Vision Media Complete Stock Swap Deal

StereoVision and J/V Partner Inspirational Vision Media Adjust Strategy on the Acquisition of Dorothy of Oz LLC and Emerald City of Oz LLC

StereoVision's J/V Company, Inspirational Vision Media, Completes Deal for the Acquisition of All Assets of Alpine Pictures Inc. and Star Guardian LLC

"Wizard of Oz" Author L. Frank Baum's Great Grandson, Internationally Recognized Children's Book Author Roger Baum, Appointed to the Advisory Board at Inspirational Vision Media Inc., a StereoVision J/V Company

Inspirational Vision Media Inc., a StereoVision J/V Company, Signs Fifteen Year A.S.C.A.P. Veteran Steven Herky Williams as C.C.O. and Director

Click here: Inspirational Vision Media Inc., a StereoVision J/V Company, Appoints Eric Honour Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer With Immediate Effect

Click here: Inspirational Vision Media Inc., a StereoVision J/V Company, Retains as General Counsel Los Angeles S.E.C. Attorney Christopher Dietrich

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